Carbon Pro Race Pack


Carbon Pro Race Pack
Carbon Pro Race Pack Carbon Pro Race Pack Carbon Pro Race Pack

Professional race team? We have you covered, specially designed for WRC, Endurance, Speedway, Time Attack and many other Motorsport disciplines. Includes 4 Speedsocket tools and a hardened carry case so you can have your pit crew switching all 4 wheels at once. 

Using a Speedsocket will produce stress/error free environment in pit lane. Have other teams in awe as you change a full set of wheels in under 30 seconds. 

*Requires competent pit crew*

If you have a thing for Carbon fibre feast your eyes on our Pro Carbon model, this beauty is for the racer that demands the best, with a weight saving of 10% over our standard Speedsocket and dashing lines to complement itself being the sleekest wheel nut tool in existence. 

Pro Pack includes a set of BRE4140 Nuts With option of our Premium Copper Nuts.

We copper dip the nuts for ultimate corrosion protection. The copper coating also adds natural lubricity making it even more perfect of off-road conditions.

Do you have longer wheel studs? We now have the Extended BRE Nut option, each nut is counter bored to allow +10mm maximum of wheel stud to protrude from the end of the nut without it picking up the next nut in the Speedsocket. 

We have 4, 5 & 6 stud options, Current Threads available in,

19mm Nuts,





1/2-inch UNF

21mm Nuts,


Radius ball taper M14x1.5 used for the likes of Method Race Wheels. (Copper only)

*Extended nut option not available for 6 stud applications, don’t use Extended variant on standard studs that don’t protrude from the nut as the nuts have -10mm counter bore at the start.

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