Instructions, Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General use:  Put on some protective eye wear and gloves

  1. First time use: **Inspect your studs**. Clean off and remove any debris. Dry lubricate studs before applying the BRE 4140 Cr-Mo wheel nuts
  2.  Apply nuts by hand first time to ensure you have the right thread/pitch nuts.(If your studs protrude more than 2mm from the end of our race nuts you will need to shorten your studs or it will grab the next nut when re-applying. Extended Nut version will allow +10mm of thread to protrude).
  3. Simply push the Speedsocket™ onto the nut (you will find this sequences to be pretty tight for the first few wheel swaps as the detent ball springs run themselves in) and loosen nut until it is fully off its thread.
  4. As you pull away the Speedsocket™ will capture the first nut.
  5. Repeat this until all nuts are removed.
  7. Place the wheel square and centered on the hub & studs.
  8. Then simply place the Speedsocket™ over the stud and tighten (don’t worry about hand threading first).
  9. Continue to do this in a star pattern starting at the top until all nuts are fitted and Speedsocket™ is now empty.

Check manufacturers specifications for correct Nm of wheel nuts. We recommend 120Nm for M12 size studs or larger on race applications. Always correctly tighten nuts after with a torque wrench. We take no responsibility for incorrect torque specifications and you should always go via manufacturers recommendations.

DO NOT USE Impact Wrench on a setting above 590Nm (435 ft-lb) with Speedsocket™.

DO NOT Torque Wrench Speedsocket™ above 200Nm (145 ft-lb)

If a nut for any reason is too tight, Use an impact socket. Do not use Speedsocket™ for seized nuts.

Try to empty the Speedsocket™ Leaving it loaded can reduce life of the Speedsocket™ inner preloading mechanism. (just spin the nuts back on the studs for safe keeping).

When storing:

Wipe exterior and the hex’s immediate interior with a solvent free lubricant to prevent corrosion. We recommend a light coating of White Lithium Grease.

**FORD studs**

We have had isolated issues with factory studs on Fords. Please watch the “I have a Ford” video! You may require to cut a thread off your studs and deburr or nuts might cross thread. We Highly recommend adding our deburring tool for trouble free wheel changes.

No More Hand Threading!

Cross threading nuts is near impossible. After 1000’s of wheel applications, it has become very clear. YOU CAN ONLY CROSS THREAD IF YOU ARE AIMING TO DO SO, or if you have damaged studs. Point it square with the tool covering the stud and you’re good to go! It really is that easy.

If you manage to start stripping a nut onto a stud when using the Speedsocket™ with our Forged Race Nuts. Inspect the nut and stud for any damage or debris as this may be the issue.

Cu Forged Chromoly Race Nut Care Instructions

Chrome plating and other rust inhibitors can chip when subject to high impact like most common wheel nuts. For use with our SPEEDSOCKET we use a Special Cu coating method that is a corrosion resistant surface treatment.

This coating is designed to reduce surface oxidation (Rust) on the Chromoly wheel nuts. This treatment is rust resistant and also helps with lubricity when driving on and off the wheel stud. This coating will tarnish over time but will never reduce the strength in the Chromoly wheel nuts.

*Failure to adhere by any of the above will void warranty*.


3-year Warranty on all Speedsocket™ Tools.

All warranty claims must be inspected before replacement is given; Customer is to return products back-to-base for warranty process.

Liability Waver

BOSHERN RACE ENGINEERING PTY LTD takes no responsibility to damage caused directly or in-directly due to failures.

Motorsport is Dangerous.

By Purchasing or using any BOSHERN RACE ENGINEERING PTY LTD product you agree to all of the above conditions.

SPEEDSOCKET™ is protected by Trademark and Patent Design World Wide