As you start undoing the nuts the Speedsocket captures each nut in its chamber, this stops the handling of the nuts, loss of wheel nuts under the car, or placing them beside you whilst retrieving the next wheel.
As the next wheel is fitted to the car, the Speedsocket is placed over the stud and the impact driver is able to be held at full power as the inner mechanism stops any cross threading from happening.
As the first nut is tightened the following nut pushes its way to the front of the chamber and is now ready to be delivered yet again until the chamber is empty.
This making it the fastest, most reliable and easiest way to remove and fit a wheel using one set of nuts... this is the Speedsocket difference!
Check out Luke casually simulating a pit stop with a Speedsocket changing a wheel on his evo, he doesn't even need to play with his nuts for once! Why wouldn't you want a Speedsocket.
Here we go Travis having a dip with a fast change, he managed a 19.7 sec and he still cant even tie his own shoelaces! how fast could you do it?
No Cross Threading with the Speedsocket, you can apply the nuts back on as fast as you like with zero risk.
Speedsocket is made and manufactured 100% in Australia, 100% Australian invention and owned.