BRE Race Nuts


BRE Race Nuts
BRE Race Nuts BRE Race Nuts BRE Race Nuts BRE Race Nuts

Our Forged Chromoly Race Nuts.

Made from forged HEX 4140 Cr-Mo bar CNC to perfection with rolled threads. 

We copper dip the nuts for ultimate corrosion protection. The copper coating also adds natural lubricity making it even more perfect of off-road conditions.

Do you have longer wheel studs? We now have the Extended BRE Nut option, each nut is counter bored to allow +10mm maximum of wheel stud to protrude from the end of the nut without it picking up the next nut in the Speedsocket. 

Current Nut Threads options,

19mm Nuts,





1/2-inch UNF

21mm Nuts,



M14x2.0 (BMW GT4)

*Ball Seat* used for the likes of Method Race Wheels and Porsche GT4 OEM 

*Extended nuts not available for 6 stud applications*

 DO NOT use Extended variant on standard studs.

*Extended nut option not available for 6 stud applications, don’t use Extended variant on standard studs that don’t protrude from the nut as the nuts have -10mm counter bore at the start.